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LingvoSoft Western European Pack for Pocket PC

Price: $199.95

In this Pocket PC anthology we brought together the whole inventory of software titles for all the West European languages we could find in our catalogue. Together, these applications are the perfect means to communicate with virtually anyone in or from Western Europe in a most straightforward and productive fashion.

Dozens of bidirectional and multilingual dictionaries and speech-enabled translation applications are included. Language learning software with fun games and exercises, accent-correction tutorials, indispensable software for travelers, and practical language localization support complete the set.

Our talking and non-talking programs will turn your Pocket PC device into a virtual language assistant. While on a visit to any part of Europe (or any other country where these widespread languages are spoken), you will be fully prepared to understand the written language around you as well as to communicate verbally with the locals.

All these applications purchased separately will cost far more than this reasonably priced Software Pack.

Price: $199.95

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LLLS English <-> Danish Dictionary for Sony Ericsson P800/P900

Price: $49.95

The LLLS English <-> Danish Edition contains 29,000 of the most useful words and terms, a flash card learning system, and an annotation system.

L3's Language Learning System (LLLS) brings a world of language to your PDA. LLLS supports over forty of the world's most popular and interesting languages in a large variety of combinations. With flash cards and bonus learning features, LLLS is the premier language series for PDAs!

This edition of LLLS provides the following features:

  • Bidirectional translating dictionaries
  • Tens of thousands of terms in most dictionaries
  • Super fast lookup and display engine
  • Built-in, customizable Flash Card system for easy learning
  • Built-in note taking system for recording reminders, assignments, notes, or explanations
  • Online help

The version 7 upgrade now gives you the power to add your own words to the dictionary, organize flash cards into user defined groups, and review your flash cards either in a set sequence or randomly. Plus, with version 7.0 you get integrated backup and restore, performance and user interface enhancements, bug fixes, instant activation, and more! Upgrades are free for registered users.

LLLS provides everything you need in one easy to purchase, easy to install, and easy to use package. There is no separate dictionary engine to buy, no need to buy two language databases in order to translate back and forth, and no need to get a separate flash card memorization system: it is all included at one low price!

Price: $49.95

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ECTACO Language Support Danish for Pocket PC

Price: $29.95

Ectaco Language Support is the tool for your Pocket PC localization. By means of the Language Support localizer you will communicate with your Pocket PC in Danish.

  • Language Support translates system messages, names of tabs and buttons, menus and prompts, names of system folders and other components of Pocket PC operating system.
  • Language Support features two additional methods of input: on-screen keyboard with the national language layout and LSPen module for hand-written text input. This module exceeds the standard Letter Recognizer capabilities and allows for the national language characters input.
  • Language Support adjusts encoding of your Pocket PC applications so that you can view web pages and write e-mail letters in your native language. The regional settings: the currency, date and time are also adjusted.

If English is a foreign language for you and your Pocket PC messages often puzzle you, then you should try Ectaco Language Support. With our product you will overcome the language barrier.

Price: $29.95

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