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Kim Tu Dien English <-> Vietnamese <-> English Talking Dictionary GD-305V

Price: $279.95

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Vietnamese; Vietnamese<->English
Vocabulary: 500,000 words
Size: 5.4 x 3.1 x 0.6 in
Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection: Yes

This is an incredible handheld device that offers you all the convenience of a talking, translating dictionary combined with the language resources of numerous reference books. With more than 500,000 words and phrases contained in the database, it also includes the American Heritage English Dictionary to expand your understanding of English words. Easy to use and extremely flexible; the professional and conversational dictionaries included here will facilitate your access to all the features this useful language tool provides. As an added bonus there is an American citizenship practice test to help those planning to apply for citizenship to prepare.

General Features

  • A User’s dictionary - you can build it yourself
  • Professional Dictionary includes these categories: computer, construction, economics, electronics, and cosmetics
  • Practical dictionary includes the following categories: food, apparel, housing, traffic, and entertainment
  • Conversational dictionary categories include basic conversation, air travel, transportation, personal care, and tourism
  • Vietnamese idioms
  • American citizenship practice test
  • Revision Test
  • A list of Phrasal Verbs
  • An excellent reference section containing math formulas, a list of English names, a travel guide, size equivalents, voltage frequencies, country codes and four different games.

Added functionality

  • External power jack for non-battery operation
  • 128KB ROM plus 200KB Flash memory
  • LCD 240 x 80 dots
  • Headphones and volume control for private listening
  • Telephone directory, memo, schedule and To Do List, all data is PC transferable
  • Calendar
  • World and local time
  • Scientific calculator
  • Unit and currency conversion
  • Loan interest

Price: $279.95

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English <-> Vietnamese Talking Dictionary EV 37

Price: $149.95

Category:   Talking dictionary
Language pair:   English<->Vietnamese; Vietnamese<->English
Vocabulary:   over 500,000 words
Size:   4.1 x 3.0 x 0.6 in
Weight:  4 oz
Battery Type:   2 x AAA batteries, included

The database of this powerful talking bidirectional English <-> Vietnamese electronic dictionary includes more than half a million words and includes professional and technical entries on a wide range of subjects including legal terms and slang.

Effective learning curve

  • New words recording function for dictionary expansion
  • Situation-oriented phrases divided into 22 categories (transportation, personal care, tourism, shopping, health care, recreation, jobs etc.)
  • American and Vietnamese idioms
  • Common phrases in Vietnamese and English

Added functionality

  • Electronic notebook including address and phone directories, appointments, schedule, to-do list and reminders
  • Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for a business traveler
  • AC adapter, PC-link options available; purchased separately

The User’s Manual is available in English and Vietnamese

Price: $149.95

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