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This is win1251 coded page, containing cyrillic characters. In most browsers You will see it correctly. However, if You cannot see it, try to switch to cp1251 and drop me a line about Your problems.


How to review cyrrilic texts with Netscape browser

Як переглядати тексти з кирилицею у Netscape

Sometimes You can see letter with hyphens instead of usual text with Cyrillic in the browser window.

To display the page correctly, You need to have support of Cyrillic characters in Your browser (and Your operation system).

Most operation system have Cyrillic support as optional component, and this component contains special fonts with useful characters.

Steps to review the correct Cyrillic characters in the Netscape

  1. Check, does Your machine support Cyrillic characters
  2. If yes, then select in the menu of Netscape
    View/Character Set/Cyrillic(windows-1251)
    Page will be refreshed with correct Ukrainian characters.
Changing codepage in Netscape
  1. If this doesn't solve Your problem, try to change 'font script' in the options:
    Select in the dropdown list some font, containing suffix 'Cyr'.
    If You do not see such suffixes, it seems that Your machine doesn't support Cyrillic characters.
Netscape preferences
  1. If they are present in the dropdown list, select one, press OK, and repeat step 2)

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